Thursday, September 30, 2004 founder joins Freeskier

From Press Release:

Matt Harvey, founder of, has joined the team at Freeskier magazine as the director of web services. Matt’s goal is to make the best skiing website on the Internet.“I’m stoked to be able to help mold into a core representation of what the ski community is all about,” Matt says.

“I'm going to take the knowledge I gained from Newschoolers and create the best skiing website ever made.”Harvey will be responsible for all technical aspects of the site, as well as contributing editorial, photos and video to all Freeskier properties. Freeskier has contracted the services of web designer Anthony Chavez, founder of, to lead the design aspects of the project. “We’re so excited to have Matt on the team,” says Editor Patrick Crawford.

“He built into one of the top ski sites on the internet with minimal resources. When he can combine those skills with the resources of the best magazine in skiing, the site is going to be amazing. Plus, Matt knows all aspects of new-school skiing, so he’ll be a valuable contributor to the editorial of Freeskier.”

So, what will happen to Newschoolers?


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Utah Avalanche Center partners with to develop unique avalanche education program for young adults in Utah

Following a winter that saw three youth avalanche fatalities in Utah, “Know Before You Go” to deliver fundamental backcountry knowledge to area schools

HEBER CITY, Utah (Sept. 29, 2004) – The Forest Service Utah Avalanche Center today announced that it will partner with, the Web’s fastest growing destination for high-end specialty outdoor gear, to develop a first-of-its-kind avalanche safety campaign specifically developed for and targeted to school-age children in Utah. Called “Know Before You Go”, the one hour education program will be taught in participating junior high and high schools in Utah as an annual assembly, to any gathering of young outdoor enthusiasts such as Boy Scout troops and to outdoor recreation programs at universities. As of early September, more than 30 area schools had expressed interest in the program.

The program has three parts: a 15-minute, narrated video showing avalanches, people triggering avalanches and the destructive power of avalanches; a local avalanche professional telling stories about close calls or accidents they have experienced ; and a 15 -minute PowerPoint presentation about the basics of how to recognize avalanche terrain, how to recognize obvious signs of instability, safe travel practices, an overview of avalanche rescue equipment and self-rescue procedures, and where to obtain information about current avalanche conditions.

“A critical need exists for basic avalanche education for junior high through college age students in Utah,” said Craig Gordon, an avalanche forecaster at the Utah Avalanche Center. “Just as students in Hawaii learn about the dangers of rip tides and shore breaks at an early age, students in Utah need to learn about avalanches. The rising numbers of young avalanche victims have demonstrated an obvious need for basic avalanche education.”

One and a half million Utah residents live immediately adjacent to some of the most dangerous and easily accessible avalanche terrain in the United States. Over the past eight years, nine young snowboarders have died in avalanches in Utah.

Go here to read the full release.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

She's Piste, Phat Luv, Dawn Patrol...sound familiar?

K2 womens alliance have produced the best womens skis on the market. What's next? K2 is extending their alliance into snowboarding. The Snowboard alliance team is made of 5 ladies, differing in age (from 16-45), personality, style, profession and backgrounds. These ladies, from various parts of the country, will be the ones guiding K2 womens snowboarding line to the next level. Keep your eyes peeled- guaranteed we will see some strong new products coming out of this group.


Former TransWorld VP to Launch New Snowboard Trade & Consumer Mags

skipressworld: Fran Richards is back in the game

I think there will be a decent amount of advertising support for these titles. Richards can make the case that TransWorld Media is now operated by a corporate bohemoth that isn't in touch with the soul of the sports and doesn't get IT. My guess is that Richards will bring former TransWorld editorial director and respected industry icon, John Stouffer, into the magazines early on. Stouffer was the rudder and conscious behind TransWorld Snowboard Business and many other TW titles before he was shuffled out when the company consolidate the trade publications.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

Canada Cares

The first SBC Skier issue of the season found us worthy of mention. Apparently Canada has the internet now. Posted by Hello


Friday, September 24, 2004

Web Shoppers Still Browse in Traditional Stores

From the Associated Press:

Don't call brick-and-mortar retail stores irrelevant in this age of e-commerce: In a survey, 69% of U.S. online shoppers admit to browsing in traditional stores before buying over the Internet. That's an increase from 53% in a similar study in 2000.

Two-thirds of online shoppers say they now buy over the Internet some of the things they used to get in store visits. Yet the percentage getting information or shopping online prior to visiting a regular store remains steady at 75%. "We do see more and more displacement from retail stores, … but it's absolutely not the death of the retail store," said Jeff Cole, who directed the study at the University of Southern California Annenberg Center for the Digital Future.

Americans remain concerned about the privacy of personal information when they shop online, but the intensity of such concerns has decreased. Those "very" or "extremely" concerned decreased, while the "somewhat" concerned group jumped. The study, the fourth in an annual series conducted until this year at the University of California Los Angeles, was based on random telephone interviews with 2,009 households from July to September 2003. It has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sales Manager of Sierra Designs and Ultimate Directions

Our rep just told us that the Sales Manager of Sierra Designs and Ultimate Directions. We don't know why this happened but our rep was not
happy about it. So if your looking for a job I guess they are hiring.


Sales Manager of Sierra Designs and Ultimate Directions

Our rep just told us that the Sales Manager of Sierra Designs and Ultimate Directions. We don't know why this happened but our rep was not
happy about it. So if your looking for a job I guess they are hiring.


Who will VF buy next?

With all the recent acquisitions of VF it's obvious they are out there shopping around. Who will the VF powerhouse buy up next? Speculations are flying around, here's our top guesses......


Any other guesses out there?


Shed a tear (of Joy?) It's the official first day of Autumn

Today, at precisely 12:30 p.m., we say so long summer, hello fall.

The Autumn equinox signals the beginning of Fall. It is the point where there is exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness at the equator. If you live anywhere else, however, you will see a little bit more or a little bit less than 12 hours of daylight. The daylight hours are dwindling and will continue to do so until we reach the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the start of winter on December 21st.

In ancient times, the Autumn Equinox was cause for a variety of pagan festivals, among them the celebration of the birth of Mabon, the son of Mordon, the Goddess of the earth.

Let's back up a bit. Why does the Sun move up and down every day? Because the Earth turns. Why does the Sun get higher in the summer and lower in the winter? Because the Earth goes around the Sun, and the Earth is tilted.

Everyone good on this?


It's a sock, it's a pocket

Zip It sock>

Cash, keys and credit cards find a secure home in these uncommonly comfortable socks, courtesy of The Daily Camera.


E-Commerce Guide showing the love - On-Site Search for Fun and Profit

The article all about search with Atomz, who gets the credit for hooking us with this placement.
E-Commerce Guide is an on-line trade journal that reports on, you guessed it, e-commerce.


Gordon McArthur is Mack Havock


This multisport site could become what MountainZone should have been. It looks like a small operation and it's out of Canada, eh? Keep your eye on it, just for kicks.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

New Dynstar, Lange, Look and Kerma rep for the Intermountain Terrritory

Dynastar has replaced Dave Marsland with Pete Iverson. We never heard anything from Dynastar as to why the change was coming. We were very happy with Dave. He gave great clinics, he fought for our brand and was easliy reacheable by phone unlike most alpine reps.

We are interested to see what Pete brings to the table. It sounds like he has the experience. It's always interesting to see what a new rep does out of the gate.


Monday, September 20, 2004

INSTED Announces Lesson Plan for 04-05 Season

(How to ski Cham 120 days a year and not wash dishes for cash)

The INSTED Institute of Foreign Education, which runs a French language school in Chamonix, has announced its lesson plans for the 2004-05 season. (INSTED, as in "Insted of college, Insted of shoveling snow for the resort, Insted of starving...)

INSTED offers visiting skiers and riders the chance to learn French language skills (learn how to construct complete sentences that include PTex, cold beer, deodorant, and cigarettes) while enjoying their winter vacation (err, we mean study abroad). Each winter, the school has around 100 students from all over the world (blowing off class and cranking up charges on their 'rents AmEx). For the first time, INSTED will now function year-'round. It will now be possible to complement the French classes with climbing, mountain biking, paragliding and hiking in the Mont-Blanc massif (it's "possible" but not probable).

Adam Jorlén, one of INSTED's founders, describes the new courses as a natural development of the concept where the students have the possibility to combine skiing and snowboarding with language studies. The classes will be taught in half-day groups of 13 people (weather depending) and are open to all levels except for absolute beginners(who are still welcome if they cough up the tuition). Private or shared accommodation can be booked through the school (or Jorlen will rent you space on his cabin floor if his roomates don't freak out).More information may be obtained by visiting the school's website at


Afghan Warlord plans $100m ski resort

Yo, it will be "Swiss-style"

"The mountains where the former warlord Izatullah Atif Rooz plans to build a $100m (£56m) mini-Switzerland, complete with ski slope and alpine chalets, were a killing ground just a few years ago."

Invest now and get in on the ground floor...


New Ski Company - PMGEAR


Got a note from Steve Baron about a new ski company based in Utah and Nevada, and run by a bunch of the Maggots from TGR. Their first ever ski is coming out this year, (it's on the web page) - and has already sold about 75 pair, before anyone can even ski it! It's a big, stiff beast, solid as a rock. Anyone get a hold of a pair of these?


TGR- Soul Purpose

What did you do on Saturday night? Well a couple of us headed to Jackson to check out the TGR world premiere of "Soul Purpose". Teton Village was the perfect setting for a crew of skiers and boarders trying to patiently await the first snowfall. There was plenty of freebies given to the crowd, from skis to packs. The movie- lots of killer shots from the Wasatch to Russia. Lots of Utah locals shredding big lines. Look for Victoria Jealouse to have to pay to leave Russia- not by choice. The show had an outstanding soundtrack! After the show everyone headed to the Mangy Moose for a little post show party with free beer from Snake River Brew Pub and music by Lifesavas and Dujeous. It was a great time had by all. All proceeds went to benefit the Colosseum Skatepark in Jackson and the Avi Center Support Org. Thanks to TGR for putting together such an event.
Check out the Soul Purpose tour in a ski town near you:

Snow is falling in Utah........


Using the gear you sell.....for 218 miles and 10 days

Golite Co-Founder and President Demitri Coupounas (call him Coup) is out testing the gear he sells. Coup is out to hike the John Muir Trail for 218 miles in 10 days. Why, one might ask? To celebrate Golite's 5th Anniversay and the light gear movement that they have created. Check out the links below:

Coups gear list- starting weight 51 lbs.
All the details on his trip:

How often do you actually see the President of a company out there getting it done like Coup?
Nice work Coup. I look forward to hearing the whole update on the trip.


Friday, September 17, 2004

DB Skis moving to Ogden UT as well.

Maybe the rumor will be a truth: Ogden and Snowbasin had a Civil Enegineering company mapping out towers for a possible Tram going from Ogden to the top of Snowbasin that's over 5500 vertical. Companies like DB and others are already moving to Ogden in hopes this rumor will come true. If it does happen and big winters start hitting the Ogden valley there is some amazing skiing of the backside of Ogden. Could Ogden be the first resort city?


Former girlfriend sues Rebagliati over house

Fame is fleeting, lawsuits last forever...

Party at Ross's house.


You thought a JHole season pass was pricey...

Season pass access to 260 resorts for only $6,000. It's transferable, and, tax deductible...When does the lease begin on the corporate jet?

Park City, UT - Want VIP treatment at more than 260 U.S. resorts and do a good deed at the same time? Help the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team prepare for the Winter Olympics by purchasing the 2005 Gold Pass, the ultimate lift ticket that gives pass holders and their friends (as it's fully transferable) access to more than 260 resorts around the country.

"The flexibility of the Gold Pass is great," says Katherine Kendrick, general counsel of DreamWorks, who tries to ski every weekend she can. "It makes it possible to go to a wide variety of resorts at the drop of a hat. When I hear snow is good somewhere, the pass motivates me to be on my way. Plus, I often get stopped and asked about the gold medal around my neck, and it gives me a chance to talk about the Team and encourage others to be supporters."

The Gold Pass is fully transferable -- the only such program of its kind -- allowing friends, family and corporate clients to take full advantage of the pass. Part of the $6,000 purchase price is tax-deductible. While most resorts simply scan the Gold Pass and hand you a lift ticket, other areas -- including many in Colorado -- allow you to head right to the lift, no ticket needed -- just the pass around your neck.


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Patagonia is bidding on Goggle for Backcountry and Backcountrystore names!

We did some research and Patagonia is bidding on Backcoutry and Backcountrystore terms on Goggle. After stepped up
to the plate to grow their business with Patagonia and we met all the top execs this how they treat us. They are basically trying to take our business even though we tried to expand our business. Patagonia has stated that they are trying to grow business with retailers and refocuse on this area. It seems to us that they are saying whatever it takes and doing whatever it takes to grow their own business at the expense of anyone.


Line's G-Force: Givin 'er

More than just a sneaky rumor, Line Skis continues to progress. We all know girls love jibbin' too, and Line's begun work on it's newest line, G-Force. With a team in full swing, G-Force is quickly becoming a reality.
Check out what Ashley Battersby and Michelle Parker did on their summer vacation:


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Backcountry Bob on Fox 13, KSTU

I know most of us don't rise and shine earlier than 7 a.m. unless its a dawn patrol kind of day, or the kids have double ear infections, but our own Bob Merrill--perky and with his collared shirt tucked in-- appeared in two segments on Fox13, KSTU yesterday morning to educate the masses about the latest ski and snowboard technology. Bob gave some excellent plugs to our friends at BD, Burton, Atomic and others. Copies of the segments will be in the office next week.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bikini bash!

alright- now that I got your attention.......ASR was a party (lots of bikini's, piercings, and tats). If you happened to save any of your '80's style clothing you are going to be really hip next spring. Remember the long tanks with the side hanging madonna belts? The longer shirts over jeans? All of that stuff is coming back strong. Fun show, lots of energy.

Coolest lines I saw:
Split Clothing-womens line- HOT! Really cool fashions and colors. Loved it.
The Raisin Company, swimwear (part of quiksilver)- Really cool. They do 3 separate collections to be able to reach all the ladies no matter what age.
Carve Designs- These girls are going right after Watergirl. They have some cool designs, fabrics and the fit is actually addressing the athletic girl. A portion of all their revenue goes to support the preservation of oceans and beaches through the Surfrider Foundation.


New Oakley Thump Sunglass--w/ MP3 Player

At long last Oakley is bringing the Thump Sunglass to market. It looks like the Half Jacket except the arms are bigger to house the MP3 player.
I tried it on and it worked. The left arm had the volume buttons. The right arm allowed you to skip through tunes and the on/off button was on that side as well. It had telescoping arms for the ear pieces to extend and the ear pieces swiveled for a good fit. It was as loud as you could need it. It will come in two versions: $395 for non-polarized and $495 for Polarized. There will be a number of fram colors.


ASR(Action Sports Retailer) was ROCKING!!

ASR was a rocking party. The show has never been this wild. People everywhere and tons of loud music. This industry is maturing and thriving. Word on the street is the Surf Shops are cranking and business is good. That's why the big turn out. Word has it that Skate is still a small industry but it is still pushing trends and fashion. There are only a few strictly skate shops left in the States. They have all morphed into a skate/snow or skate/surf or skate/something kind of shop.

Hot clothing brands are Zoo York, Split and Volcom. People were always around the crazy booth of Volcom. Skate shoes are still rocking and rumor has it some of these brands are bringing out Golf shoes. I talked to a ton of reps and sales manager and it seems as these skaters get older and there bodies have taken the beatings they are going golfing. Does this mean we will see Skate inspired golf shoes, bags and clothing? Perhaps this is the new movement in golf and we need a new Youth Counter Culture Golf site?


News from from the Industry: Snowshoe Mag goes online

>> Snowshoe Magazine has gone online at and is hoping it will generate sufficient interest to be able to launch a print publication within three years. According to the release, the online magazine is targeting three kinds of readers: racers/ competitors, backcountry enthusiasts/casual hikers, and beginners/first-timers. It also plans to provide original content on destinations, equipment, health/fitness, races and tours, and environmental protection. Snowshoe Magazine is endorsed by the U.S. Snowshoe Association ( and is a wholly owned and operated product of Alford Publishing, Inc., based in Denver, Colo. SNEWS® View: Telling everyone you are going to launch a part of your business that is not yet reality in, say three years, is a bit like going fishing with a rod but no reel or bait. What's the point? And while the website looks nice, we have to wonder how the content will differ from national niche publications such as Adventure Sports, Trail Runner or a host of other regional publications that already cover snowshoeing in season and quite well.


News from from the Industry

>> Demetri Coupounas, a 38-year-old Boston native and president of GoLite, has been on a lightweight adventure crusade of late to promote a category of adventure he's dubbed Alpine Style Thru-Hiking. The latest notch in his belt from a summer that will not end was made when he completed the 273-mile Long Trail entirely un-resupplied on Aug. 31. Total elapsed time on the trail was 12 days, 19 hours, 53 minutes. The completion of the Long Trail marked the second of three un-resupplied long distance trails for Coup. He hiked the length of the 218-mile (including approach trails) John Muir Trail in July 2004 with no re-supply. Coup said he hopes his efforts will highlight how easy it is for users of lightweight gear to cover far greater distances without re-supply and how easy it is for the average American to go outdoors to begin with, important, he says, in a nation plagued by epidemic levels of inactivity and obesity. Coup began his attempt on the third of three unsupported hikes of America on Sept. 11, heading off on the 470-mile Colorado Trail. Coup expects to complete the trek in 21 days. Coup also has a request: That industry members as well as consumers make contributions to Big City Mountaineers at in support of an organization that encourages teens to break down their personal barriers and seek opportunity through experiences outdoors.


News from from the Industry Your Source for Skiing, Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Gear from K2, Salomon, Rossignol


Friday, September 10, 2004

Best Recognize! Start-ups infiltrating mainstream

Unless you've spent some time in the Beehive state, you probably wouln't think twice about a company named Ninthward. But when I saw this name listed as a sponsor of Off Trail Productions' film First Light, and then mentioned again in the 411 in the Oct. '04 issue of Freeze, curiosity got the best of me. Let's just say that Ninthward is not your neighborhood youth group.
Check out their websites: and


Thursday, September 09, 2004

EMS acquired in management buyout

Eastern Mountain Sports has completed a management-led buyout of the company from American Retail Group. The buyout was led by Eastern Mountain Sports President and CEO, Will Manzer, with financing led by J. H. Whitney & Co., LLC.

They just got some serious financial backing from Whitney. They are ready to grow and attempt to become the most sought after brand and retail outfitter in the industry.

We'll see about that........


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Philly - new hotbed for Outdoor Activities!

REI recently announced it's jamming in a second store in the Philadelphia Metro area. The new 22,500 sq ft Marlton NJ store will be just 30 miles from it's Conshohocken PA store; both just outside of Philly. Will this spell the end of the Cheese Steak?


Philly - new hotbed for Outdoor Activities!

REI recently announced it's jamming in a second store in the Philadelphia Metro area. The new 22,500 sq ft Marlton NJ store will be just 30 miles from it's Conshohocken PA store; both just outside of Philly. Will this spell the end of the Cheese Steak?


Philly - new hotbed for Outdoor Activities !

REI recently announced it's jamming in a second store in the Philadelphia Metro area. The new 22,500 sq ft Marlton NJ store will be just 30 miles from it's Conshohocken PA store; both just outside of Philly. Will this spell the end of the Cheese Steak?


Philly - new hotbed for Outdoor Activities!

REI recently announced it's jamming in a second store in the Philadelphia Metro area. The new 22,500 sq ft Marlton NJ store will be just 30 miles from it's Conshohocken PA store; both just outside of Philly. Will this spell the end of the Cheese Steak?


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Silverton Skis First, Again!


It's September and a Skid's thoughts turn to...


Hey, kid...get off my building

"Urban Climber Magazine Debuts on the Newsstand"

A Prana advertising vehicle or aging skateboarders looking for new kicks?


Monday, September 06, 2004

Surveys: Best and worst places to shop - Sep. 2, 2004

"What's the quickest way for a retailer to shoo away potential customers? Believe it or not, it's not necessarily with prices but with bad customer service."


Outdoor Retailer News at Backpacking Light

Outdoor Retailer News at Backpacking Light

Fast and light gear news according to Backpacking Light.


Here's what Outside's Gear Guru thought of OR

Gear Guy likes Mexican food

The new MSR stove, Nemo Gato tent, some Sierra Designs and much, much more.