Tuesday, September 14, 2004

News from SNEWS.com from the Industry: Snowshoe Mag goes online

>> Snowshoe Magazine has gone online at www.SnowshoeMag.com and is hoping it will generate sufficient interest to be able to launch a print publication within three years. According to the release, the online magazine is targeting three kinds of readers: racers/ competitors, backcountry enthusiasts/casual hikers, and beginners/first-timers. It also plans to provide original content on destinations, equipment, health/fitness, races and tours, and environmental protection. Snowshoe Magazine is endorsed by the U.S. Snowshoe Association (www.SnowshoeRacing.com) and is a wholly owned and operated product of Alford Publishing, Inc., based in Denver, Colo. SNEWS® View: Telling everyone you are going to launch a part of your business that is not yet reality in, say three years, is a bit like going fishing with a rod but no reel or bait. What's the point? And while the website looks nice, we have to wonder how the content will differ from national niche publications such as Adventure Sports, Trail Runner or a host of other regional publications that already cover snowshoeing in season and quite well.



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