Tuesday, September 14, 2004

News from SNEWS.com from the Industry

>> Demetri Coupounas, a 38-year-old Boston native and president of GoLite, has been on a lightweight adventure crusade of late to promote a category of adventure he's dubbed Alpine Style Thru-Hiking. The latest notch in his belt from a summer that will not end was made when he completed the 273-mile Long Trail entirely un-resupplied on Aug. 31. Total elapsed time on the trail was 12 days, 19 hours, 53 minutes. The completion of the Long Trail marked the second of three un-resupplied long distance trails for Coup. He hiked the length of the 218-mile (including approach trails) John Muir Trail in July 2004 with no re-supply. Coup said he hopes his efforts will highlight how easy it is for users of lightweight gear to cover far greater distances without re-supply and how easy it is for the average American to go outdoors to begin with, important, he says, in a nation plagued by epidemic levels of inactivity and obesity. Coup began his attempt on the third of three unsupported hikes of America on Sept. 11, heading off on the 470-mile Colorado Trail. Coup expects to complete the trek in 21 days. Coup also has a request: That industry members as well as consumers make contributions to Big City Mountaineers at www.golite.com in support of an organization that encourages teens to break down their personal barriers and seek opportunity through experiences outdoors.



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