Tuesday, September 14, 2004

ASR(Action Sports Retailer) was ROCKING!!

ASR was a rocking party. The show has never been this wild. People everywhere and tons of loud music. This industry is maturing and thriving. Word on the street is the Surf Shops are cranking and business is good. That's why the big turn out. Word has it that Skate is still a small industry but it is still pushing trends and fashion. There are only a few strictly skate shops left in the States. They have all morphed into a skate/snow or skate/surf or skate/something kind of shop.

Hot clothing brands are Zoo York, Split and Volcom. People were always around the crazy booth of Volcom. Skate shoes are still rocking and rumor has it some of these brands are bringing out Golf shoes. I talked to a ton of reps and sales manager and it seems as these skaters get older and there bodies have taken the beatings they are going golfing. Does this mean we will see Skate inspired golf shoes, bags and clothing? Perhaps this is the new movement in golf and we need a new Youth Counter Culture Golf site?



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