Monday, September 20, 2004

TGR- Soul Purpose

What did you do on Saturday night? Well a couple of us headed to Jackson to check out the TGR world premiere of "Soul Purpose". Teton Village was the perfect setting for a crew of skiers and boarders trying to patiently await the first snowfall. There was plenty of freebies given to the crowd, from skis to packs. The movie- lots of killer shots from the Wasatch to Russia. Lots of Utah locals shredding big lines. Look for Victoria Jealouse to have to pay to leave Russia- not by choice. The show had an outstanding soundtrack! After the show everyone headed to the Mangy Moose for a little post show party with free beer from Snake River Brew Pub and music by Lifesavas and Dujeous. It was a great time had by all. All proceeds went to benefit the Colosseum Skatepark in Jackson and the Avi Center Support Org. Thanks to TGR for putting together such an event.
Check out the Soul Purpose tour in a ski town near you:

Snow is falling in Utah........



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