Thursday, September 16, 2004

Patagonia is bidding on Goggle for Backcountry and Backcountrystore names!

We did some research and Patagonia is bidding on Backcoutry and Backcountrystore terms on Goggle. After stepped up
to the plate to grow their business with Patagonia and we met all the top execs this how they treat us. They are basically trying to take our business even though we tried to expand our business. Patagonia has stated that they are trying to grow business with retailers and refocuse on this area. It seems to us that they are saying whatever it takes and doing whatever it takes to grow their own business at the expense of anyone.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would assume that you have a trademark on Backcountrystore. Doesn't Googgle, and other search engines, recognize this fact and not allow other companies to "use" this mark? Or in this case, bid on it?

Keep after Patagonia. It doesn't make much business sense for them to do this unless they want to cut out all retailers and go direct to the customer, and that doesn’t make sense.


9/20/2004 10:46 AM

Blogger Rich said...

with all due respect, i dig both bc store AND patagucci, but c'mon guys, "backcountry" and "backcountry store" are generic terms. patagonia runs a "store" at that sells clothing for use in the "backcountry". why wouldn't they bid on it? now if your company name were something more unique, like say "Jim Holland's kick ass backcountry emporium" and they bid on that term, then I'd say you have a point.

anyway, keep up the great work at YOUR store!

9/23/2004 4:46 PM

Blogger Flem said...

It would be like if retailers started making and marketing their own clothing and directly competing with their vendors. Oh, wait a mintute...

9/24/2004 12:10 PM

Blogger lulu said...

when bidding on they are going too far. What if bid on that's direct competition against a retailer that they are suppose to be supporting.

9/24/2004 12:38 PM

Anonymous danye said...

as much as i like patagonia, bidding on their own retailer's company name is ridiculous. patagonia does so many things right when it comes to operating a textile company, but this sort of shows a different side that i hoped didn't exist.

long live backcountry!

11/30/2007 4:05 PM


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