Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bikini bash!

alright- now that I got your attention.......ASR was a party (lots of bikini's, piercings, and tats). If you happened to save any of your '80's style clothing you are going to be really hip next spring. Remember the long tanks with the side hanging madonna belts? The longer shirts over jeans? All of that stuff is coming back strong. Fun show, lots of energy.

Coolest lines I saw:
Split Clothing-womens line- HOT! Really cool fashions and colors. Loved it. www.splitusa.com
The Raisin Company, swimwear (part of quiksilver)- Really cool. They do 3 separate collections to be able to reach all the ladies no matter what age. www.quiksilver.com
Carve Designs- These girls are going right after Watergirl. They have some cool designs, fabrics and the fit is actually addressing the athletic girl. A portion of all their revenue goes to support the preservation of oceans and beaches through the Surfrider Foundation. www.carvedesigns.com



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