Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Winter has been interesting this year in Wyoming. Powder has been plentiful, avalanches abundant, and politics have been ripe. I definitely have had my share of ice cream headaches and pow-face burn (all with smiles), but I am ready for spring to refresh all of the above and a little, no a lot, of sunshine for a change. 

Spring is the time to leave behind so much worry about questionable mid-winter snowpacks, and head for your nearest couloir. Longer days bring helmets, crampons, ice axes, a little ambition for early mornings, and great times with your friends. I know I am ready! I hope you enjoy a couple of our classic Absaroka lines from this pre-spring.
Chockstone Dogleg (looker's left) and the Diagonal Couloir:
Our line for the day, Chockstone Dogleg:
Aesthetic pyroclastic walls rising high above:
View down the couloir:
Matt Lloyd tests the waters in Chockstone Dogleg couloir:
Airing it out in the apron with spring pow and plenty more vert down:

Radio Tower Couloir (upper left)
Brad Douglass and Bryan Gleason near the top pitch:
Would conditions be good or cause variable Havoc?
Brad Douglass teles it up on the down:
Bryan Gleason sets an edge in Radio Tower:
More love in the apron:
Time to start getting out and enjoying those longer and warmer days! I know I am amped!

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