Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gelande Quaffing World Championships: Take Two

It's that time of year again. Gelande Quaffing season. And this Thursday marks the second World Championships of the World in Jackson Hole. The masters of the sport will converge on the Wyoming ski town armed with lightening-fast reflexes, unquenchable thirsts, and beer guts honed from years of training.

"My massage therapist tells me that she can identify an athlete's sport just by looking at the form of his body," said Jeff Wogoman of Cloudveil, the event's sponsor. "She can see one of these champion athletes from all the way down the street she just knows that they're quaffers. Either that or crusty, beer swilling, part-time working ski bums. It's quite amazing, actually."

The sport was born in 1986, fathered by the infamous Jackson Hole Air Force at the Bear Claw Café in Teton Village.

It was resurrected last year. Thank god.

Backcountry.com entered a team in the 2008 tournament, but unfortunately, we got our frothy mugs handed to us by Big Sky Brewing of Missoula, Mont. (That's ok. We're smarter and better looking.) The corps of talented athletes from the original Big Sky team will be back this year to defend their coveted title.

The beta:

Gelande Quaffing World Championships
Deck of the Village Café, Teton Village
Thursday February 26th
First round starts at 4:20

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