Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Swiss Peak athlete Gregg Hill getting after it-

When Chris mentioned that we should ski off Swiss peak, I was excited by the idea. In 04-05 Troy Jungen and I skied this line and were treated with deep powder turns down the 3000 foot north face. Starting off at 50' and holding steep for its entire length this alpine line is one of the most proud in the pass, it also the longest run in Roger's Pass, a whopping 7700 feet from summit to road. You can see how easily it would be to get excited about a run like this.

We awoke early and made it to Roger's Pass by 7:20 and were touring by 7:40. Doug led a ferocious pace, we flew up through the trees, across the glacier and we were bootpacking up the chute in no time. Hard south facing melt freeze crust. perfect. By 12:20 we were on the summit.

We hung out and enjoyed our lunch and then began to ski down the North face. Hoping for light and fluffy powder we were rewarded with inconsistent styrofoam. Though we were dissapointed, the lack of avalanche danger made our position that much more enjoyable.

And what a position, the consistency of this face is unbelievable, it starts steep and stays steep. Awesome.The footage I got today was great and will give me enough to make another Skin flick.



Anonymous The Adventure Channel said...

Guys, this is great! I just love these video's!

2/12/2009 3:47 PM


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