Monday, January 19, 2009 Welcomes Greg Hill to the Athlete Team

Athlete wrangler Jonny A recently convinced backcountry badass Greg Hill to join the team. I'll let him do his own intro (see below), but his vids speak for themselves:

"I have always defined myself in the mountains, who i really am seems to come out while playing in the hills. I have felt that we define our own boundaries and should search them out. So for years I did just that, I pushed my limits to see where they were. 30 thousand feet, 40 and finally 50 thousand feet climbed and skied in 24 hours. Or as many 10 000 foot days in a season as I could. (80..) or a million feet of backcountry bliss in a season. I did all these wild things just out of curiosity, just to see where my limits were.

Testing my mountain knowledge and constantly adventuring into the unknown also became very important to me . Skiing off new summits, or into remote areas, having to depend on my skills to safely guide us through the mountains. I have skied off hundreds of summits, in Canada, USA, Alaska and the Alps. My main stomping grounds are the Selkirk mountains where I have skied off 9 of the 10 highest summits. Always inspired by the challenges, I constantly yearn for the next unskied one. I have spent many days traversing through the mountains, the biggest epic being The Monashee range; a 21-day 21-summit, 200km pioneering ski traverse. There is nothing quite like packing up everything you need to survive for 21 days and then hope you planned well.

Now I am still in pursuit of my next summit but I have begun filming and capturing our adventures. Since the mountains have inspired so much in me I hope to inspire others with these videos. Last winter I created 8 movies and I entered "the best of" into the Banff International Mountain Film festival. "The Unbearable Lightness of Skiing" made the finals and is on the world tour. This winter I am continuing to document my adventures; check 'em out at"



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Nice video!

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