Thursday, January 22, 2009

Andrew McLean's Top 10 in 10

For the past week or so, there's been a lot of buzz around the Wasatch ski and climbing communities. All surrounding Andrew McLean's latest project: skiing 10 classic Wasatch lines in 10 days. Most of these involve well over 5,000' vertical climbing, and sometimes brutal descents. Today he reached #9, Little Pine Couloir. Read the full list of reports at

Andrew McLean and Doug "Doc Brock" Brockmeyer on top of Stairs Gulch.

Here's the project in Andrew's own words:
As a compulsive list keeper, I’ve had a Post-It note stuck to my monitor for a few years that said “Wasatch Top 10 in 10.” The idea is/was to rack up a bunch of Wasatch classic ski descents back-to-back in ten days in a chute skiing feeding frenzy. The problem has always been that I have put it off until too late, or there was too little snow or too much avalanche danger so I’ve never gotten around to it. But, this morning’s UAC Avalanche Report specifically stated that we were in for ten days of high pressure, which I took as a sign from the ski gods to give it a try. -AM



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