Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Dana Designs Loses Key Player

Andy Anderson has left Dana Designs to work for Timbuk2. Is there any hope Dana can get back to greatness? With pack companies like Osprey making huge innovations and great product it looks bleak for K2 and Dana. This is a great example why companies need their visionaries to remain successful.

I hope Dana builds packs better than they do websites. Click Here to see the latest Dana Products

This is the real Dana Mystery Ranch


When are we getting the Diggler?


Friday, August 27, 2004

Know your customers

This week, we look at single males age 18-49

What do single males like to do on vacation? Hiking? Camping? Adrenaline-fueled outdoor activities? Try again...Spike TV Offers Up Male-Focused Research Most important single activity for men when on vacation is partying. One-third of 502 men polled ranked drinking as a must-do. Additionally, meeting people and “hooking” up as well as gambling rank high for about a quarter of the men polled.

"Not only will this soft shell make you look swell, sir, but it will repel all manner of spilled cocktails."


11th Annual UAFC Fundraising PARTY

Black Diamond Equipment & the Friends of the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center are throwing their annual bash to benefit the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center on September 16th - this is a major source of funding for the center as Forest Service monies have been drastically cut in recent years. It also is a killer party with great food and bluegrass music and is THE official kickstart to Winter - it is said that there is a direct correlation between attendance and snowfall amounts in the Wasatch.....we'll see (you there).


No more lip service.

Ladies listen up. The industry is claiming no more lip service on womens goods, that they are actually producing products we can be psyched on. Women's sportswear sales are currently out performing men's sportswear sales. It seems the 3 f's (fit, function and fashion) are really being addressed. Brands such as Horny Toad, Prana, Isis, Watergirl, Carve and Contourwear are realizing that more women are getting out there and are gearing there products towards us.
We appreciate it!



Summer OR 2004 goes technicashz

Technicashz- technical fabrics combined with casual styling is one term being used. The lines are getting blurred between lifestyle and technical wear. More people are on the go and need clothing to go with them. Technical clothing companies such as Marmot, Moutain Hardwear, Patagonia, TNF and ArcTeryx are all meeting this demand by trying to provide clothing that can go from the trail to the pub. Do we want pants we can wear trail running and then go out to the bar in? OR do we just want a little more fashion in our technical clothing?



TNF doing well in Europe too-

Sales (in USD) during the 2nd qtr of 2004 rose 45% up from last year in the European market for TNF. Great Britian is their main source of growth accounting for a 70% increase in the first 6 months of 2004. Nice work TNF.



Rome Snowboards' new website

Rome Snowboards has their new website up and running. They have all the new stuff online to check and spec.



Thursday, August 26, 2004

Burton is now the proud owner of 4 new brands...

Burton closes the deal on Forum, Jeenyus, Foursquare and Special Blend acquistion. No big changes planned yet- just to give these brands the support they need to get to their full potential. What we really want to know is- how many bills did they throw down for this buy?


New Zealand Freeskiing Nationals

Good to hear somebody's gettin after it! New Zealand got pounded by a few big storms recently; should be awesome for the nationals next week...



SIA to teach snowshoe instruction toVirginia teachers

Step 1: Move to a state where it snows...SIA, Snowshoes Get Ready for School.


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

New Gondola from Ogden to Snowbasin.

Rumors have been on going that a gondola could be installed that would go from Ogden Utah to the top of Snowbasin. BIG VERT!! Outdoor companies have heard this and currently Descente and Goode are moving their HQs to Ogden. Rumors are that companies like: K2, Volkl, Marker and Marmot are looking at real estate in the area as well.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Rich Have You Never Heard Of Affiliate Marketing?

Rich Hall needs to check out Patagonia's affiliate program and ask why they don't have their own backpackreviews.comThe Piton July 5 2004 - July 11 2004: "BackPackreviews.com How about we're really a front for selling stuff through backcountry.com LINK Click on a brand pull up a product review buy now. They also carry every known outdoor product in the galaxy"


Backcountry.com has launched an outlet site

I think these guys hate us. This strange because the site is run by Rich Hill a VP at PatagoniaThe Piton July 5 2004 - July 11 2004


Epic Country - Sick Blog Tons Of Summer Skiing Pics

Not sure where these guys are from but they are passionate about skiing. Checkout the sweet summer skiing pics.Epic Country - Backcountry Skiing%2C Ski Mountaineering and Freesking


Alison Gannet - Women on High

Alison Gannet and crew of 6 retraced the historic ascent made 200 years ago on Mt Blanc. Alison has a series of climbs planned to honor the ladies whom pioneered their way up mountains as early as the 1700's. Check out her site for the latest on the expedition and pictures of the crew. Really cool thing Alison- kudos.



ArcTeryx wins the Polartec Apex award- again

What else do you expect from the leaders in the technical clothing industry? ArcTeryx won the Polartec Apex award for their Covert Cardigan. Is it a sweater, a jacket or what? Whatever it is- it's sweet and I want one. Check it out:



X Games 1st Street Skate comp for girls- gold won!

Etnies team rider Ellisa Steamer took gold during the X Games first Street Skate Comp for women. Finally girls are able to win for throwing tricks like the ones Ellisa pulled-
Frontside Nosegrinds and Frontside Noseslides on the edge, a Backside 180, a Frontside
180 and a Kickflip. Nice-



Highgear supplies the US ski and board assoc

Highgear recently announced the signing of a contract to become the official
supplier for the US Ski and Snowboard Association. Good for 2 years- Nice exposure for Highgear.


Silverton EIS Opens Door to Unguided Skiing

It's August and a skid's thoughts turn to, um, turns...skipressworld


Powder's new Sr. Editor says See Ya Steamboat

Matt Hansen takes leave of Paddler and joins his buddy and new editor Tom Bie at Powder Magazine:
Dear Friends,

Ever since high school I've been cursed with an insatiable lust to live the life portrayed on the TV show 90210. Brenda, Dylan and the rest haunt me with their smugness and carefree convertible-sportscar lifestyles. So I'm moving to Orange County in just two weeks. This has been tough to admit, but I wanted all of you to know...

Well, not really. I am moving to Southern Cal but not for those reasons. I got an editorial job with Powder magazine, located in Dana Point, halfway between LA and San Diego. I'll be living in San Clemente, a cool surfer town just minutes from the well-known beach of San Onofre. I think the irony speaks for itself. But I'm pretty psyched for this great opportunity. Maybe I'm just being taught a lesson for all those times I used to bitch about Californians clogging the Snowbird tram line.

Of course, I'd love to hear of any contacts anybody has in that area. And I'm currently looking for people who want to acquire sweaters, flannels, fleece and an assortment of down-filled products. Trades with flip flops, beach towels and surfboards strongly considered. Please forward this message to anyone I may have missed.

I hope all of you are happy.

Give some love to your mountains and rivers for me.



Monday, August 23, 2004

The Piton, another side of the story

The Piton

While eating sushi in Salt Lake, The Piton was founded by a group of Outdoor Industry veterans who were lamenting the lack of a news source that spoke the naked truth. It’s written by a constantly changing and anonymous group of authors that could be retailers, designers, manufacturers, or sales reps (but definitely not journalists).

Most importantly The Piton is meant to be fun and not taken very seriously.


The next Big Thing

Blogs to get a boost from retailers

U.S. online retail sales are projected to more than double over the next six years and account for 12 percent of total retail sales in 2010, up from about 7 percent this year, according to a new report from Forrester Research (FORR).

By targeting Weblogs, chat rooms and message boards, merchants will fuel sales growth by running ads while consumers are discussing a specific product or content related to a product, the researchers said. Forrester indicated that tools and hardware and garden supplies will be among the fastest growing online sales categories. Also expected to gain are online florists as consumers cut back on telephone orders.


Friday, August 20, 2004

Loving it to Death - Traffic Jams on El Capitan

Rock Climbing.com

Judging by the number of views and replies, this is a hot topic.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Alpina Changes Hands

Alpina was bought by Frank Thibadue(not sure of the spelling). He was the marketing coordinator for Alpina for years. Inside word has it that the reps are excited. Frank plans on not changing anything, except to grow the business.


broadening their distribution?

Top manufacturers going mainstream by aggressively pursuing alternative distribution centers. Is this brand dilution or strengthening?


Rep Rides

Which rep currently drives a rig like this?


Kelty Rocks

Thanks Sandy for the sick deals on Kelty...


VF Announces New Leadership Roles for The North Face

VF Announces New Leadership Roles for The North Face: "VF Announces New Leadership Roles for The North Face".

Egeck, way to stick it to the man...or become the man, or something like that. Nice work!


Amy Luther named to OIWC board of directors

OIA Press Room


Outdoor retailers set sights on Latinos, Singles, Heavy People

OIA tries to make up for being so darned white.

One big problem: few people in the outdoor industry are Latino, single over the age of 45, or, um, big boned...here come the consultants.


An Avalung for Paddlers


Saw these guys at OR. I think I get it but... The idea is that it is a mini-scuba tank that goes into your PFD for those times when you can't quite make it to the surface. You can get 15 to 20 breaths from one tank. Manufacturing is out of Denver, CO.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

'Sup at Mountain Hardwear?

Not sure where to find the skinny on this, but rumor has it that there are big changes going down at Mountain Hardwear. Here's the parent companies financial smut. Columbia Sportswear Company Reports Record Second Quarter 2004 Results: "In reviewing the second quarter revenue results investors should be aware that the second quarter is our smallest revenue quarter of the year%2C as we conclude our spring product shipping season and begin shipping fall products late in the quarter"


Fenway Combines Bell Sports Corporation and Riddell Sports Group to Create Worlds Largest Head Protection Company

Fenway Combines Bell Sports Corporation and Riddell Sports Group to Create World%27s Largest Head Protection Company: "Fenway Combines Bell Sports Corporation and Riddell Sports Group to Create World%27s Largest Head Protection Company"

Did this include Giro?


Laury Bails on Smith for Line

Laury whatever bails on smith in order to pimp Line skis in OC. G'luck.


Outdoor Industry Angles for Environmental Clout

KSL News%3A Outdoor Industry Angles for Environmental Clout: "SALT LAKE CITY-- County officials stopped outdoor retailers from pulling their big trade shows out of Salt Lake City by promising to expand the Salt Palace convention hall."
Check out how quickly Utah government caves to the mighty pressure of the outdoor industry....


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Outside Mag heading inside?

So, word is that in 2005 Outside Mag will no longer be reviewing and covering soft equipment such as sleeping bags, tents...More than anything this is a reflection of what is happening to the specialty outdoor market: more people are going to specialty outdoor stores to buy their wardrobe. The stores will become purveyors of an outdoor/adventure lifestyle image.


Outdoor Retailer Staying SLC through 2009

Outdoor Retailer commits
to SLC through 2009

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (AUGUST 11, 2004) -- Outdoor Retailer announced today their plans to produce the Outdoor Retailer and Summer Trade Expos in Salt Lake City, Utah through 2009. This commitment to remain in Salt Lake City is contingent upon a final contract and financing from the city to expand the Salt Palace Convention Center.

Outdoor Retailer made their decision after reviewing results from a comprehensive outdoor market study, receiving the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Board’s recommendation and tentative plans from Salt Lake City officials to expand the Salt Palace’s main hall space by 40% plus provide increased benefits to OR exhibitors and attendees.

Construction work on the Salt Palace will begin immediately following Summer Market 2004 and will not affect the upcoming Winter Market show in January 2005. Interim plans include additional exhibition space, similar to the Pavilion, to be used for Summer Market 2005.

Future benefits provided to OR attendees from Salt Lake City will include:

Hotel room blocks well below average rates
Personalized housing services for all OR attendees
Complimentary and discounted shuttle programs to/from SLC airport
Launching "Outdoor Utah" -- an outreach campaign to attract retailers
Coupon program providing discounts for dining, hotel rooms, lift tickets and services within Salt Lake City

OR’s staff spent the past year researching various venue options through a comprehensive ten-city analysis project. OR also solicited feedback through surveys, numerous meetings and discussions with industry leaders, city officials, state governments and the buyers and sellers that represent the outdoor industry. Additional locations that were considered for the OR shows included Denver, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Reno, San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Orlando.

"The outdoor industry possesses a great sense of community and vested interest in the future of the OR shows and it has been determined that, for the present, the business of the outdoors should continue to be conducted in Salt Lake City," stated Peter Devin, OR Show's Director.

Research, substantiated by key industry buyers, sellers and the OIA Board, indicated that Salt Lake City must expand its present convention facilities to accommodate and serve the growth of the outdoor industry. Survey results stated that while 82% of the industry is satisfied with Salt Lake City, 97% of the industry are open to moving the show if it meant an improved buy/sell experience. Salt Lake City's answer was the proposed development and financing of a comprehensive plan that would add an additional 40% of main hall space to the Salt Palace Convention Center.

“Utah's earnest commitment to work with us to explore ways to protect our public lands for recreation and ensure the growth and success of our industry sent an important message to the outdoor business community," said Lee Fromson, president of Cascade Designs and OIA Chairperson.

"Combined with the proposal from the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau that addresses Outdoor Retailer's expansion needs, Utah has shown an unmatched commitment to our industry that we can not ignore,” added Fromson.

Dates for future Outdoor Retailer Shows were also re-confirmed.
2005 Winter Market January 29 - February 1, 2005
2005 Summer Market August 11 - 14, 2005
2006 Winter Market January 28 - 31, 2006
2006 Summer Market August 10 - 13, 2006

Outdoor Retailer, a division of VNU Expositions, is a full service tradeshow company whose goal is to create, market and produce high quality tradeshows and educational conferences. Outdoor Retailer is the leading outdoor industry business-to-business trade event, bringing together top manufacturers, retailers, industry advocates and media to conduct the business of the recreational outdoors. Heading into its 23rd successful year, OR gathers approximately 30,000 attendees on a semi-annual basis for both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer markets.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2004 will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 12-15 at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Registration details for Summer Market 2004 and more information on Outdoor Retailer tradeshows can be found at http://www.responsetrack.net/lnk/outdoorretailer0/?113IK017QDD. Media can contact Lori Crabtree at Stanwood & Partners Public Relations by phone 307/733-1514, or email at lcrabtree@wyoming.com.


Monday, August 16, 2004


Chaco has said that they don't want their products sold on Amazon.com.


skipressworld %BB Outdoor Retailer Trade Show to Stay in Salt Lake City

skipressworld %BB Outdoor Retailer Trade Show to Stay in Salt Lake City: "Salt Lake City %28Ski Press%29-Outdoor Retailer announced today their plans to produce the Outdoor Retailer and Summer Trade Expos in Salt Lake City%2C Utah through 2009. This commitment to remain in Salt Lake City is contingent upon a final contract and financing from the city to expand the Salt Palace Convention Center."


Thursday, August 05, 2004


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