Friday, August 27, 2004

Know your customers

This week, we look at single males age 18-49

What do single males like to do on vacation? Hiking? Camping? Adrenaline-fueled outdoor activities? Try again...Spike TV Offers Up Male-Focused Research Most important single activity for men when on vacation is partying. One-third of 502 men polled ranked drinking as a must-do. Additionally, meeting people and “hooking” up as well as gambling rank high for about a quarter of the men polled.

"Not only will this soft shell make you look swell, sir, but it will repel all manner of spilled cocktails."



Blogger timpguy said...

AH HA! When softshells first came out we coined the term "keg suit" - I quess we weren't that far off. Man, this bloggin' sure makes me thirsty. I'm parched, I think I need a vacation.....

8/30/2004 2:09 PM


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