Wednesday, August 25, 2004

New Gondola from Ogden to Snowbasin.

Rumors have been on going that a gondola could be installed that would go from Ogden Utah to the top of Snowbasin. BIG VERT!! Outdoor companies have heard this and currently Descente and Goode are moving their HQs to Ogden. Rumors are that companies like: K2, Volkl, Marker and Marmot are looking at real estate in the area as well.



Anonymous hre said...

As currently proposed, and from an outsider, skier, recent 2nd home owner in ogden, the gondola proposal looks like a real estate scam in favor of the mayor and Mr. Peterson. With no actual link or cooperation from Sinclair and Snowbasin, skiing Mt Ogden via the new gondola resort will not be possible. Until that cooperation and skiable links are guaranteed, Ogden city would be CRAZY and stupid to sell it's prime real estate and golf course to a developer that wants to develop his Malan Basin resort. It's a great idea with the Snowbasin link, but serves only the developer without it. Ogden, don't do it until it's the real thing.

11/08/2006 11:59 AM


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