Monday, March 06, 2006

The North Face Endurus XCR BOA Trail Running Shoe

Gear Review - The North Face Endurus XCR Boa

For months now Dean Karnazes has been running in the Endurus XCR Boa Trail Running shoe from The North Face featuring the Boa lacing system. For a guy that once ran 350 miles in one push who knows how many miles he's put on these shoes. Likely thousands. The North Face Endurus XCR Boa Trail Running Shoe

Just trying to sift through all of the technology that they've packed into it can wear you out. Some people write shorter thesis'. When it comes to picking a trail running shoe, even the most discriminating trail runner will find something here to write home to mom about. For starters, focus for a moment on the Boa lacing system.

Unlike traditional lacing systems, the carefully engineered Boa system enables minute adjustments for optimum closure force each and every time includeing the all important on-the-fly adjustment. It fits like a glove, for the foot. With the Boa there are simply no pressure points. Instead, it operates like a special suspension system that enables the runner to dial in an even and repeatable tightness.

Most snowboarders will recognize this type of lacing system - similar to what DC and other boot manufacturers have been utilizing in their snowboard boots. Bottom line for both applications is elimination of pressure points and the precision it allows by dialing in the exact fit you're looking for.

One of the most attractive features of the Boa is the replaceable ultra high strength stainless steel lace cables that slide easily through elongated lace guides. Other shoes I've tested with a lacing system don't offer a replaceable laces - and trust me, they will break.

More Technology
The North Face Enurus XCR Boa Trail Running Shoe - Men's Q-Silver/Tuscan Red
You want more technology?
  • Ultra™ which is an all terrain all condition rubber outsole providing excellent traction for running on trails, scrambling over scree, or for every day use.
  • Roll Control technology that uses a higher density heel wedge to prevent rolling. In the process of preventing the foot from rolling it also helps to create a more accurate strike pattern which I've found is near impossible on the mixed terrain that the rugged mountain trails here in Utah dish out.
Bottom line - you want light, fast, waterproof and a perfect fit every time? Behold, the Enrurus XCR Boa.

Try your luck and Enter to Win a pair from The North Face.

Or just admit that your luck ran out in 2002 and that you should just pony up and buy yourself a pair at Available both in Men's and Women's versions.



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