Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Smith Optics & Jackson Hole - Testing Grounds Giveaway

It must have been about 30 years ago when Howard Entin moved to Jackson Hole, WY to become a ski bum for a winter. He and 3 others lived in the Elk Refuge Inn just north of Jackson. Back then, the Tram was “new.” It was that winter, when he brought his skiing to another level. He passed the ultimate test by dropping into Corbet’s Couloir. As a result of his early experiences in the Tetons, Howard proclaims, “Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is my favorite place to ski and ride in North America.” It’s funny because he also said, “Smith is my favorite goggle/sunglasses company.” We didn’t even pay him to make these statements.

So, somewhere between skiing Corbet’s and his most recent climbing excursions throughout Utah and Colorado with his son Jake (pictured), Howard found the time to become a psychiatrist. He and the family now live in the Denver, CO area., JHMR, & Smith Optics are excited to send Howard and his son Jake to Jackson for an all-expense paid ski trip. How did Howard get so lucky? He simply entered our JHMR and Smith sweepstakes and came out on top. In addition, Smith is outfitting the two of them in all goggles, glasses, and logowear. It will be a bittersweet moment for Howard because he still uses his original Smith goggles from the year 1984, around the time when Jake was born. But the times are a changing and he is ready to embrace this change. These two are super stoked for their trip to Wyoming, and hopefully they will report back to us with some great stories.



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