Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Last Desert - Lisanne Dorian wins!

Lisanne Dorian, adventure racing athlete has won the Last Desert Race, a 100 mile race in the driest place on earth - antarctica .

Racing through -30 degree F wind chill and 60 mph winds Lisanne has completed her fourth desert race by winning first place in the women's division.

From the Racing the Planet website it said:
Lisanne Dorian placed first in the women´s division. The rest continued through the night enduring the blinding snow and wind. The course was closed for 4 hours to wait for daybreak at 3am. All have completed now except for three.
Ever wondered what this type of athlete thinks about during a 100 mile race across the Antarctic or a 250 mile race in the Gobi Desert? Check out the athlete Q&A.

You're one tough chica Lisanne!



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