Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Go west already!

There are a few things that for me say "Ski Town" and it has nothing to do with shops, galleries, real estate or triple mocha cappuccinos and EVERYTHING to do with snow. Parked cars that like snow mounds, cars that drive around with feet of snow on top of them, people literally digging out, locals who wear beanies all winter and the line up at the local hill on the day after.

If you've never been to Mammoth Mountain you have NO idea what you're missing out on. Sure it's starting to feel the urban influence but if ever there was a time to head west to a ski town where snow is still king and the mountain is everything you've ever dreamed of, well, you you'd better pack your bags.

I spoke with Steve the "snowman" who runs and he was on fire about the 50 inches in 24 hours that they just received and how this last storm dropped nearly 12 feet of snow.

But don't worry, this type of thing happens a couple of times a year in Mammoth. If you happen to time it right, you'll likely not forget it for the rest of your life.

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