Monday, December 12, 2005

I need a new ski pack

It's true, even a gear junkie who works at must go on the hunt for gear, pouring over catalogs and seaching out online info. Outside of looking at the products on our site, I often check out what the manufacturers sites have to offer. I'd say 60% of the time I'm disapointed in my search for all of the right specs and info, particularly sizing.

As I was poking around Black Diamond's website today I found the pack I'm going to buy, the Black Diamond Frenzy backpack. Not because of something they said about the pack or the specs that I find so important to pour over, but because of the cool video they have that shows all the uses and pockets the pack employs. Kudos to BD for a great product video on an item that is hard to pull the trigger on without taking it into the hills. Turn up the speakers - there are some good tunes on it as well.

Check it out. Click on the Tech Video link.

Buy the Frenzy



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