Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Waiting Game - Horde Sticker Contest

This is an entry from the recent Horde Sticker Contest that just ended. Don't worry, with all the stickers headed out the door we're going to re-open a new contest so keep your images of the goat stickers coming in. If you haven't gotten a goat sticker, get two of them here.

I couldn't pass up posting these photos from Ben Fickett of Salt Lake City. Of the photos Ben wrote:

“The Waiting Game‘

This kid lives next to me. You may think that he’s just waiting for TRAX, but that’s not all he’s waiting for. He’s waiting for the snow. The Pow. The goods. The white gold. The stuff he has dreamed about over and over again since he was very young. He longs to make use of the word “snorkel” in recounting his day skiing. As he gazes up at the nude Wasatch Range he becomes angry. He wonders if this season, the season he moved from Pennsylvania to Utah, will be as epic as his dreams. He anxiously waits although time does not. Scheduled opening is approaching fast, he’s still waiting. Several trains arrive. The snow has not.



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