Monday, October 31, 2005

Hot Pants are Back.

The textile embargo that has been adversely affecting the outdoor industry and contributing to manufactures "creative" ways of getting thier pants into the US, has ended. The Committee for the Implementation of Textile Agreements determined that ski and snowboard pants do not contribute to market disruption.

The current embargoed trousers will be released beginning Nov. 1.

Frank Hugelmeyer, President of the Outdoor Industry Association applauded the decision and noted the embargo as a "sensible approach on being tough with China" but continued "There is minimal domestic production of ski and snowpants, leaving few alternatives to China for producing these products. This exemption will lessen the significant negative impact the embargo has had on our industry.”

He also warned,“While CITA’s decision solves a big problem for the outdoor industry for 2005, there are more potential quotas on the horizon. The possibilities of jacket quotas and the re-application of quotas on ski and snowpants for 2006 are currently being considered by CITA with comments due on November 10, 2005. Should these quotas be enforced, they could potentially be devastating to the outdoor industry.”

From Sports One Source



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