Monday, October 10, 2005


June 23 was the last time I skied fresh powder and although I didn't make it out during this first storm of the year there were a number of locations in the west that have welcomed the arrival of winter.

Some of the faithful locals here in Utah got up to Alta for an early season session on what is normally skiers turf. Nice work Nate!

Other reports coming out of
Loveland Pass, Colorado and Silverton Mountain have left me drooling. Montana got pounded last week and there was even snow in Santa Fe. The white tops of the Wasatch have got me pulling out the boards.

But has winter really arrived? I mean, when exactly can it be said that winter is here? For the poor souls in the Pacific Northwest last year they waited all "winter" for the chance to say "it has arrived". Are we jumping the gun a bit with all the winter is here talk?



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