Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I have a dream...

A number of years ago my friend's dad told me something in an e-mail that has stuck with me since then.
"Ultimately nothing you have dreamed or not dreamed will matter if you have not used your time to act. It is the person, who accomplishes something, weather he dreamed it up himself, or borrowed the idea from someone else, who deserves the prize."
It's not like idea of ditching the "real world" for a ski trip of dream proportions is unique to just myself. Ask any working skier out there who still has the fire within them burning for a winter road trip. I'm not talking about the weekend or 1 week road trip to Jackson. I'm talking about the full blown 3 month ski road trip, the kind that will change your life forever.

Cheers to 4 dedicated skiers who made not only my dream but any other skier who calls himself/herself a skier's dream become a reality...and they documented it along the way.

Powder Road



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