Monday, September 26, 2005

Insightful Carnage

Now, maybe I'm just a purist, but I've been noticing a disturbing trend in extreme sports movies lately: The tendency toward making an introspective travel memoir instead of a ski/whitewater/whatever movie.

It could be that I'm behind the times, and the world is clamouring for a ski movie with less Carnage and more quiet introspection set to video of good american kids eating foreign food in Planet Earth jeans, strutting their Volcom line across Red Square, and sporting their totally sick new '06 AK jacket in the austere, silent wilderness above the artic circle, all the while making a statement about how it really is a small world after all, man.


Give me CARNAGE! If I'm sitting for more than 3 minutes and there isn't a single incredible jump, rapid, or shot in there, something is horribly wrong. I'm not saying you can't slip some beautiful, artsy stuff in there, or some interesting insight into making extreme sports movies. I'm just saying there's an optimum Carnage/Fluff ratio and if it isn't met, there's price to be paid in lameness.

Let's hear it for CARNAGE!



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