Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spyder Jacket with an iPod...or is that an iPod with a jacket?

Just when you thought iPod products were exasperated comes this gem from ski wear maker Spyder - the Spyder Limited Edition Jacket available over at Tramdock.com. Bells and whistles you ask? They didn't skip a beat. Let's go over the necessary items a skier must consider in a jacket purchase:
  • Waterproof? Check - This baby has 20K waterproofing (think of it like money - the higher the number, the better. 20K is the best there is)
  • Warm? Check - Spyder's sublimated heat liner which is designed to retain heat without the bulk of a down jacket.
  • Pockets? Check - You'll be stopping at the lodge to purchase enough stuff to fill these pockets - they are plenty
  • Tunes? CHECK! - This is where things get really good.
The Limited Edition jacket comes with a 60G iPod that hooks into a jack (in one of the many pockets) which links to a remote control panel that is welded, yes I said welded, into the sleeve of the jacket. This allows you to control the iPod without taking your gloves off. No more fumbling your gloves on the lift or cold fingers just to skip forward to your favorite play list. This is likely the first of many iPod applications we'll see from ski wear manufacturers as more skiers are interested in skiing with tunes.

Oh and the price? Better save your pennies.

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