Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Still hot - The pain sets in - Day 2

I think I've experienced heat, real heat. The kind that hurts when you breath.

When I lived in Southern Spain there was this phenomenon called "Levante" which translated means "the rising". It happens in the summer when the winds from the African Sahara blow northward in a clockwise direction and reach across the Straight of Gibraltar to clip the southern tip of Spain. Locals would say with a hushed voice, almost like passing a secret, "Hoy es Levante" [today is Levante]. In a matter of an hour the temperature could rise from the upper 90's to 120, smothering you with the most oppressive heat.

As I read an update from the Sahara Desert Race this quote reminded me of Levante:
...Just a moment ago, I emptied my last water bottle from my pack into a cup to make soup. The water was so hot that the soup cooked in minutes.
Now that's heat.

Stage Two updates



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