Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sick joke? Nah, only sick skis

Backcountry.com and Black Diamond are stoked to announce that they have found an owner for a brand new pair of Black Diamond Verdict Telemark skis. The 2006 Black Diamond Verdict Sweepstakes took place for over a month on Backcountry.com. Out of over 2,000 applicants, Nick Pugmire was chosen at random. Upon hearing the news, Nick responded with an insightful comment, “I hope this isn’t some sick joke 'cause I could really use a new pair of skis!” Well it wasn’t some sick joke; he now has a pair of new skis.

Nick lives in Juneau, Alaska, “where the winters are warmer than usual and the women are colder than usual.” He spends the majority of his summer working for the US Forest Service as a Forestry Technician and his winter’s ski patrolling at Eagle Crest Resort. Nick has been dropping knees on Telemark skis for 2 years now. When he isn’t skiing, you can catch him biking, surfing (yes, surfing in Alaska) and mountaineering.

Check out what Nick will be rocking down the slopes this season, BD Verdicts. Congratulations Nick.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Nick. Are you the Nick Pugmire from Hawaii. If so, this is Travis. We met in the early 90's at church and went to basketball camp together. Anyways if youre the same Nick Pugmire hit me up.



-Travis Hall-

8/31/2006 9:14 PM


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