Friday, December 02, 2005

Roger Ebert is a snowboarder?

Admittedly, a snowboarder he is not. In fact he simply stated, "I know nothing about snowboarding." So what is the most recognizable name in movie reviews doing talking about snowboarding? He's reviewing the new snowboard film "First Descent" which is a documentary about the "revolution of snowboarding" featuring Shawn White along with veterans Shawn Farmer, Terje Haakonsen and others.

Roger sited journalistic problems with the film citing how powerful and moving Stacy Peralta's documentary "Riding Giants" was. He summed up his review with this little teaser:
The kicker on the trailer says: "Unless you're fully prepared to be in a situation of life and death, you shouldn't be up here." So, OK, how can you possibly be fully prepared in a situation no one has been in before, and which by definition can contain fatal surprises? Since the five stars of the movie are all still alive as I write this review, they must have answers for those questions. Maybe interesting ones. Maybe more interesting than what a thrill it is.
Want to see the film despite Roger's 1.5 stars? Check it out in a theatre near you.

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