Monday, December 12, 2005

I think I'm gonna be sick *cough* tomorrow

It happens a few times each year to skiers in the Wasatch. The 8am call to the boss to take a *cough* sick day. Leading up to a *cough* sick day are a number of things from planning out (rehearsing) the actual call, rounding up a posse, and the constant click/refresh of the snow cam as you watch the snow stack up on the Snowbird Tramdock faster than you can say "sick day". Here's a visual of what it looks like.

11 am - oh yea, I feel a *cough* cold setting in. My throat is killing *cough* me.

3:30 pm - boy, I'm not *cough* feeling so good. (be sure your boss sees the agony in your eyes)

6:30 pm - Once at home: Oh yea, tomorrow will be sick! *cough*



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