Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Say it aint so!

Change is in the Air at Alta Ski Resort

Alta, Utah - Skiers coming to Alta may be caught off guard this week, as several snowboarders may pass them by on the slopes of the resort famous for its ban on snowboarding. Several guests of the resort were stunned Sunday, as snowboarders rode by them on the groomed runs and in the lift lines.

This week, resort officials are allowing test groups of snowboarders to ride the Alta lifts early, for privately guided tours of Alta's legendary terrain.

"Whether it leads to permanently lifting the ban or not is yet to be determined," said an Alta representative, "but these test programs are indeed prompting a re-evaluation of our position on the issue and helping us determine if the terrain is conducive to snowboarding at the resort."

Any comment from Deer Valley?



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