Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fallen brothers

For many, skiing encompasses all aspects of life. Saying, "I am a skier" means more than just another pass time you participate in. It goes much deeper to the core, as tangible as your breath - essential to your being but near impossible to display to others. It carries with it a feeling that you belong to a brotherhood. When one of your brothers pass on, especially doing what they loved most, the entire brotherhood pauses to remember.

Although I never knew Jimmy personally, I know him after reading about him. It's a skier thing.

If you are a skier, you should read this.

This winter when you find yourself out on that ridge with one of your bros, ready to drop into that favorite stash as the crisp wind touches your face, pause for a moment for Jimmy and the other fallen skiers...and be thankful.

RIP Jimmy.



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