Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Doing more for the Sherpa

Outdoor Profile

I've known Roger Kehr for a little over a year now. This soft spoken man possesses the passion and drive for the mountains equal to a half dozen people. Since moving on from his "previous life" as a business owner and entrepreneur in New Jersey, Kehr has engaged in a number of outdoor related creations including the Backcountry Awareness Week and worked at Snowbird Ski Resort first as an instructor and now as the director of special events.

But it's not what he does all winter that is most note worthy. Like most mountain employees in the off season he keeps himself busy - but it's not working a summer job that keeps him busy. Last summer Roger along with his wife Florence spent a great deal of time putting together a high altitude medical course to teach Sherpa climbers and guides essentials enabling them to better serve their clients as well as their families as fathers/mothers/brothers/sisters in providing a better way of life.

In learning about the Extreme Altitude Medical Training course that they organized and funded, it's impressive to see what these two have been able to do. What's even more amazing is to look at the students who attended. Check out the Sherpa students who participated in the course - among them are 49 summits of Mount Everest and countless other summits including Shisha Pangma and Cho Oyu. What's even more amazing is the fact that few of these climbers knew even the basics of high altitude medicine.

If you're looking for something worthwhile to join forces with that is sure to be rewarding and beneficial to the Sherpa people, they are looking for additional sponsors. Additionally they could use medical supplies for next year's course.



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