Friday, February 17, 2006

Goat Sightings

The Goat has been traveling the globe and climbing both ice and rock as of late. In conjunction with the "Show Us Your Goat" sticker contest I had wanted to post one Goat image each week and send the winner a Nalgene water bottle but I've been slacking.

So here they are - 4 weeks worth of Goat sticker photos that I chose, by no particular scientific method, to be a weekly winner. Enjoy!

If you haven't submitted a goat sticker image, you still have 11 days until the end of the contest.

Photo Shot by: Rachel Nelson
Photo Location: McAffe's Knob, Catawba VA
About the photo: We were getting in some hiking training for our trip to Peru this summer and thought we'd try and take a few pictures with the goat to get some gear for our trip.

Photo Shot by:
Samuel Huber
Photo Location: Sydney, Australia - Opera House/Harbor Bridge
About the photo: I took this picture at the end of my favorite training run in Sydney. A park loop along the sea wall from the Domain, through the Royal Botanical Gardens, and concludes with a run up the Opera House steps ("Rocky-style"). This observation scope looked like it needed a little spice in its life, so I padded it with the Backcountry Goat.

Photo Shot by: Kim Goldak
Photo Location: Pushkar, India, Asia
About the photo: This photo was taken in a town called Pushkar (Rajasthan) in India. The area is primarily desert. The camel guide took this picture for me. What could be more outdoor than a camel ride in the desert?

Photo Shot by:
Eric D'Orvilliers
Photo Location: Mount Massive, Colorado
About the photo: This shot is from a snowshoeing trip along the Colorado Trail during January. My friend and I started to hiking up Mount Massive (14,421 ft.) as a day trip. Although we were not able to summit, we did end up on this rock out crop with great views. It was a nice spot to stop for lunch.



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