Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Canis Lupus at The Canyons

I ran into my buddy Dave [who works at The Canyons] yesterday at the store and after catching up we chatted about last Saturday's Canis Lupus Challenge at The Canyons, sponsored by Quiksilver. If you've never been down Canis Lupus it's a natural halfpipe that twists, turns and dives down the north side of the Condor lift in serious James Bond fashion.

So Friday, buddy Dave gets a phone call from Rob Kingwell, former US Snowboard team member, multiple world cup/X games winner and all around rippah, and this is how it went down:

Kingwell: I was thinking of driving down (from Jackson, Wyoming) for that Canis Lupis Challenge. Sounds pretty cool, I read it about it today.
Buddy Dave: Yea, the Canis Lupus Challenge is tomorrow.
Kingwell: What are the prizes?
Buddy Dave: $5000 purse (courtesy of Quiksilver) - $2500 to the top boarder, $2500 to the top skier
Kingwell: Sweet, sign me up. I could use a little extra cash. I'll see you in the morning.

So he drove down to Park City, stepped up to the plate and smoked the field with a winning time of 1:18:59, over 3 seconds faster than second place. Just like the old days eh Rob?

On the skier side, Griffin Post, out of Ketchum, Idaho won top prize making his drive home equally as enjoyable. What's the deal with these out of state winners? Utah represent!?

Sorry, no pics of Kingwell.

Images courtesy of The Canyons - photos by Dan Campbell-Lloyd



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