Thursday, March 02, 2006

How pure is pure? opens retail store.

We are a pure online retailer. Really, we are. It even says it on our corporate website, first line, front and center: is a pure online retailer focused on outdoor gear for the serious recreational athlete.
So we're eating crow, but who hasn't had a few spoonfuls in their day? Plus, this time it's tasting pretty good.

Although simple in size the unique nature of this store is that it combines the products from a giamongus warehouse with a core offering of in season gear for customers to fondle and drool over while store employees go to the "backroom" (read: 200,000 square foot warehouse) to get anything the customer wants to try on, size up or flex. While waiting customers can log onto one of the gear portals (computer terminals) to peruse more gear than one can haul home in a Subaru.

While the majority of our customers will still purchase online, those lucky few who live in Utah or happen to find adventure has brought them here are welcome to come by to check things out.

Need to find us? Google delivers

No mistaking, this is the place
It's all inside
Open for business



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