Friday, March 03, 2006

The North Face gets some pay back from Counterfeiting

The North Face is finally getting some pay back for all those lousy counterfeit jackets we have seen the last couple of years. It seems that have busted the ring leader. Nabil Saleh, Ibrahim Saleh and Toufic Saleh who thru a number of aliases, have formed and operated a counterfeiting enterprise that sold counterfeit jackets bearing THE NORTH FACE trademarks to wholesalers and retailers throughout New York City and the rest of the United States. The North Face is getting 1 million dollars plus all reasonable attorney fees.

TNF has shown they have a no tolerance attitude towards counterfeiting which only protects all of us legit dealers in the long run. Way to go TNF. Keep your eyes open though. With how hot the brand is right now there must be another counterfeiter lurking in the background waiting to take over the Saleh's enterprise.



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