Friday, March 03, 2006

Goat Sightings - the Goat in the Smokies

The winner for this past week's "Show Us Your Goat" sticket contest is Josh Mausolf. His photo of winter camping in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee is a great location for the Goat to be found.

As a weekly winner Josh will recieve a Nalgene water bottle to add to his Nalgene featured in the photo.

Photo Shot by: Josh Mausolf
Photo Location: Camp 26, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
About the photo:

This picture was taken on February 19, 2006, at Camp 26 in the Great Smoky Mountains NP. The previous night was colder for the Smokies and the day my dad and I hiked in we received 2 inches of snow. Thinking we’d be the only crazy southerners out there I was pleasantly surprised when two other parties joined our camp. This photo was taken the following morning just as the sun was beginning to shine through the trees. The morning was beautiful, the skies were cloudless and blue, and the air was crisp. We thought the sunny weather would give us an opportunity to dry our gear, but we soon found otherwise. Instead, all the hoarfrost and snow in trees melted and dripped on us, and soon we were wetter than when it was snowing.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - winter camping



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