Tuesday, November 30, 2004



1) British group buys Thule for $595 million
press release 10/27/04
Candover, a buy-out firm, also owns a European cable company, a gaming operation, and an airport services firm.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Controversy surrounds Northwave snowboard tool kit

KING5.com | News for Seattle, Washington | KING5 Local News

"It's one of the most popular tool kits sold in the snowboarding industry. But Laura Ylvisaker believes the "McIver Driver" is being used for more than just its tools. "

Northwave claims it had no idea.

Free reg required.


Friday, November 19, 2004

Marmot to Sponsor the North American Championships of the Mountain Hardwear, Life-Link/Dynafit Randonnee Rally Series.

Have you checked out the Randonnee Rally series before? These athletes are insane. Insanely in shape that is. This race tests the competitors endurance, equipment and skiing skills while skiing and skinning in tough terrian. Anyway- Marmot is the official 'event' sponsor for the North American Championships to be held in Jackson on March 26, 2005. Way to step up Marmot!
Here is the low down on where you can catch one of these races or attempt to enter yourself:
The 2005 Mountain Hardwear, Life-Link/Dynafit Randonnee Rally Series will commence with the Arc'teryx Randonnee Rally at Whistler BC, Canada on January 8, 2005. The rest of the races to follow will be at Crested Butte on February 12, the Outdoor Research Rally at Alpental March 12, then the Mammoth Randonnee Rally March 5th, with the Marmot North American Championships to be held on March 26th at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.



Thursday, November 18, 2004

New US Sales Manager for Arc'teryx

Arc'teryx has a new North American Sales Manager. His name is George Curley He is the brother of the Salomon North Americas President James Curley. We are excited to be working with him as our commitment to Arc'teryx grows. Moving into 2005 we are going to do our best to be the #1 source for Arc'terxy online by trying to carry every style they make.


New Rep Force for Outdoor Research

Great Plains Mountain STuff is now the new Rep force for Outdoor Research. If you wonder why we don't carry OR it's because the rep force
has been non-existent for us. Leta and Tom currently rep Atlas, Chaco and Western Mountaineering. We look forward to working with them on OR as well.


Outdoor Research has a new Rep force


Monday, November 15, 2004

Technology Geeks and Snowboard Accessories

They obviously don't mix. But we've gotta give those tech weenies props for trying!


Saving Freeze

More than a few people are raising their voices against Time4Media's decision to can Freeze Magazine. While this might not be the most altruistic of causes, Freeze was and is an overall positive force in the growth and rejuvenation of skiing and we back 'em all the way. If you want to get involved, add your name to the email below and send it on to all your jibby pals!:

If you havn't heard Freeze has been shut down, so by forwarding this message and signing the pettition by adding your name to the bottom of the list on this message you can help to enable the re - creation of Freeze magazine. Freeze Magazine has been documenting and contributing to skiing's revolutionary movement since day one. It has helped to rejuvenate the sport of skiing so much, inspiring skiers of all ages and abilities. From the New Canadian Air Force, to Seth Morrison's Alaska lines, Parkasauras, extraordinary competition coverage, and Shane McConkey's crazy Stunt of the Month. Freeze has been there- documenting and providing the most legit and exciting coverage of the soul, energy, fun, and progression behind the sport, an attribute that magazines like have lacked thus far. The discontinuance of Freeze Magazine would be a sad and devastating loss for the sport. Freeze has been (and still is) a major contributor to the excitement, progress, and success that skiing has endured in recent years. Please reconsider the continuance of Freeze Magazine...Skiing's Revolution! If you want to help, please type your name below and forward this message to anyone and everyone who has experienced stinky ski boots, and/or have been inspired, entertained, and appreciative of Freeze Magazine's contribution to the sport of skiing! Please include this email address in your forward per 100 names.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thump Thump Thump

Last Friday I had the opportunity to celebrate the official release of one of the most innovative products coming out. The Oakley Thump- the worlds first digital eyewear. The release kicked off with an introduction by the owner of Oakley and then the party began. The sunglass will be available Nov 20. Check out the links below for pictures from the private party and the low down on Thump. I am sure we will see more coming out around this sunglass....replacement lenses? More memory? A womens fit? What about in their goggles?



The Beacon Lives On

Backcountry.com has been writing, editing, and collecting articles for its email newsletter for years. Originally known as the Backcountry Beacon back in the BackcountryStore.com days, the Backcountry.com Newsletter boasts well-known contributors like Chris Solomon, Ben Hewitt, Lee Cohen, and many many more top-notch adventure writers and photographers.

For a very long time all these articles were floating around aimlessly in cyberspace--but now they have a new home. Check it out at:

For an index of all the articles visible at once, go to:

We're still waiting on posting the really old articles, but they should be up within a few weeks. This is an incredible resource of knowledge--everything from the best backcountry yurt trips to rock climbing tips to how to peel your skins off without removing your skis. Great stuff!


Who Owns REI?

Seattle Weekly: News: Business: Who Owns REI? by Andy Ryan:

"Rebecca Rundquist, an attorney, went to work at REI's Seattle flagship store during the late 1990s, hoping 'to find an interesting and educational job that allowed me to do quality environmental legal work on a volunteer basis during my free time.' What she found instead was 'a new, corporate priority,' with an emphasis on sales.

'I knew REI was no longer a co-op when employees started getting a bonus every time a customer opened a credit card account. The incentives given from management to employees were clearly all about profit. I started to wonder why I wasn't just selling used cars or working at Nordstrom, there was no difference.'Rundquist quit her job after less than a year. "


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Maggots Makin' It

They're heeere. PMGear is up and rolling.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Freeze gets the boot?

It's sad that the industry can't support this type of mag. Freeze definitely caters to a younger crowd, but they represent a unique voice in the ski industry. I'm personally surprised to see this news since it seemed they have been on an upswing recently. Too bad it's not Freeskier getting the ax. Ooops, was that out loud?

TransWorld Puts Freeze on Ice

SAM Magazine--Oceanside, Calif., Nov. 1, 2004--Freeze Magazine will cease publication with its January 2005 issue, TransWorld Media (TWM) vice president/general manager Brad McDonald told SAM.

In addition to the Freeze staff, TWM has cut loose director of marketing and business development Mike Jaquet and vice president of marketing and sales Allen Crolius.

McDonald said that Freeze was having difficulty hitting its circulation targets, in part because the magazine had a relatively narrow niche and little room to broaden its market without bumping up against larger stablemates Ski and Skiing Magazines.


Waterstick is out of business

According to my sources Waterstick is out of business. I cannot confirm this but I sent an email out to the Sales Manager last week requesting an order form and haven't heard back. Usually when you want to buy product they respond.

What does this mean: Werner will be stronger than ever in the bent shaft market in both touring and whitewater. AT Paddles could become a stronger player in the bent shaft touring market where they have struggled.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone picks up the brand and technology of Waterstick and gets it going again. They have a cult following.