Monday, November 15, 2004

Saving Freeze

More than a few people are raising their voices against Time4Media's decision to can Freeze Magazine. While this might not be the most altruistic of causes, Freeze was and is an overall positive force in the growth and rejuvenation of skiing and we back 'em all the way. If you want to get involved, add your name to the email below and send it on to all your jibby pals!:

If you havn't heard Freeze has been shut down, so by forwarding this message and signing the pettition by adding your name to the bottom of the list on this message you can help to enable the re - creation of Freeze magazine. Freeze Magazine has been documenting and contributing to skiing's revolutionary movement since day one. It has helped to rejuvenate the sport of skiing so much, inspiring skiers of all ages and abilities. From the New Canadian Air Force, to Seth Morrison's Alaska lines, Parkasauras, extraordinary competition coverage, and Shane McConkey's crazy Stunt of the Month. Freeze has been there- documenting and providing the most legit and exciting coverage of the soul, energy, fun, and progression behind the sport, an attribute that magazines like have lacked thus far. The discontinuance of Freeze Magazine would be a sad and devastating loss for the sport. Freeze has been (and still is) a major contributor to the excitement, progress, and success that skiing has endured in recent years. Please reconsider the continuance of Freeze Magazine...Skiing's Revolution! If you want to help, please type your name below and forward this message to anyone and everyone who has experienced stinky ski boots, and/or have been inspired, entertained, and appreciative of Freeze Magazine's contribution to the sport of skiing! Please include this email address in your forward per 100 names.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a customer and I would say that the service as gone down hill, happy staff sell well, unhappy low paided staff don't give a crap, no wonder I hear rumars of backcountry struggling.

Also using spyware is true, it's not just cookies?, take a look at how many complaints they get on spyware, that speaks for itself. But hey they don't seem to care about what people think.

Also Lulu and Timpguy are staff members, why don't they put backcountry staff?

11/15/2004 3:23 PM


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