Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Freeze gets the boot?

It's sad that the industry can't support this type of mag. Freeze definitely caters to a younger crowd, but they represent a unique voice in the ski industry. I'm personally surprised to see this news since it seemed they have been on an upswing recently. Too bad it's not Freeskier getting the ax. Ooops, was that out loud?

TransWorld Puts Freeze on Ice

SAM Magazine--Oceanside, Calif., Nov. 1, 2004--Freeze Magazine will cease publication with its January 2005 issue, TransWorld Media (TWM) vice president/general manager Brad McDonald told SAM.

In addition to the Freeze staff, TWM has cut loose director of marketing and business development Mike Jaquet and vice president of marketing and sales Allen Crolius.

McDonald said that Freeze was having difficulty hitting its circulation targets, in part because the magazine had a relatively narrow niche and little room to broaden its market without bumping up against larger stablemates Ski and Skiing Magazines.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a look at Backcountry's cookies on your computer for spyware or go to ABW[Affiliate Forum] and look at Schoolpop, Inc. They gather anybody's information including password info.

60% off backcountrystore's staff have left in a matter of 6 months becasue of the way jim holland, john breeze and jeff carter treat the staff and lack of pay rises even though they can build new houses. The staff that made them at the beginning are left wondering about more pay or have just left in disgust.

In Park City and Heber City and now Salt Lake they have that repution and nobody wants to work there and so they are struggling to find gear experts, instead they have been employing high school kids as experts - I know I will not shop there after hearing this from a number of people now.

11/03/2004 8:13 AM

Blogger Adage said...

Not sure posting anonymously gets you much too much credit.

11/03/2004 8:34 AM


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