Friday, October 15, 2004

US Outdoor Companies are backing Kerry

In a letter to the American Citizens from Lee Fromson, GM of Cascade Designs, and 31 additional outdoor company managers, they came out with their endorsement for Senator Kerry. They agreed to jointly support Kerry because he shares their environmental values. With Kerry running the country they believe it allows all of us in the outdoor industry to remain competitive and protect our businesses. The letter was also signed by the following head honchos:
Peter Bragden, Vice President Columbia Sportswear – Michael Crooke, CEO Patagonia – Tim Leatherman, President Leatherman Tool Group – Roody Rasmussen, CEO Petzl – Dunham Gooding, President American Alpine Institute – Paul Fish, President Mountain Gear – Peter Metcalf, CEO Black Diamond – Steve Barker, CEO Eagle Creek Travel Gear – Mike Wallenfels, Vice President Mountain Hardware – Tony Post, President Vibram

My thoughts? Kudos to those higher ups willing to stand up for the environment and take a stand against those unwilling to protect it. It is where all of us hike, camp, ski, run, bike, board, skate, climb, paddle and find our peace. To quote Edward Abbey “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” I know, I know, but environmental issues get me a bit fired up.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

60% off backcountrystore's staff have left in a matter of 6 months becasue of the way jim holland, john breeze and jeff carter treat the staff and lack of pay rises even though they can build new houses the staff that made them at the beginning are left wondering about more pay.

In Park City and Heber City and now Salt Lake they have that repution and nobody wants to work there and so they are struggling to find gear experts, instead they have been highing high school kids as experts - I know I will not shop there after hearing this from a number of people now.

10/15/2004 8:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man I’m new to the backcountry site, and was finding it appealing until I saw this post. I’m having a tough time wanting to continue supporting this site based upon this post. I want to know if it’s really true? I guess its time to look into this claim.

10/18/2004 4:06 PM

Blogger Scott said...

As a Republican, I am distressed that outdoor companies automatically endorse whatever Democrat runns for office. IT seems the marriage of the environment to the Democrats is do fused that a lot of work will be needed to get this issue back to being objective rather than beholden.

It's also odd that businesses endorse Kerry publicly, while enjoying the advantages of free markets privately. Republicans have always been better for business.

What I find is that they are in customer service mode. That's fine and understandanble.

As a caver, ice climber, rock climber, hiker and more, I love the outdoors. I help in conservation efforts all the time. But I don't let these issues decide my Presidential politics. Fight them separately, but there are far more seriouos issues than protecting certain aspects of the enviromment today. Protecting America from attack is one.

I've always loved the BLM model, where resources are shared between the public for a variety of means. Recreation, ranching, prospecting, etc. They are everyone's resources, not just hikers and those seeking solace.

I won't deny Republicans have some way to go with regard to environmental issues, and I hope with more like me in the party we can shift back to a Teddy Roosevelt relationship with our land. But I don't see that in the Democratic party either. THe extremists turn me off.

And I drive my SUV to my destination just like every Democrat, and use the best equipment bought online and in stores across America. As an enthusiast, I am repeatedly disturbed by stories of views being oscured by evil businesses, yet every Democrat and other American is dependent on the services of these businesses. THere is such hypocrisy.

Thee is more we can do, but it is not everything. I am not a one-issue voter, and wonder how CEOs of major companies can purport to be so as well. I am a cutomer too.

10/23/2004 9:59 AM


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