Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Waterstick is out of business

According to my sources Waterstick is out of business. I cannot confirm this but I sent an email out to the Sales Manager last week requesting an order form and haven't heard back. Usually when you want to buy product they respond.

What does this mean: Werner will be stronger than ever in the bent shaft market in both touring and whitewater. AT Paddles could become a stronger player in the bent shaft touring market where they have struggled.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone picks up the brand and technology of Waterstick and gets it going again. They have a cult following.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Scuttlebutt is that AT Paddles may be picking up waterstick, which would be pretty rad. An AT paddle with the Zen Brand attached to it has a pretty good chance of stomping a lot of competition.

The AT's are rad but they need some market pressure in the worst sorta way...

11/18/2004 3:44 PM


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