Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Rumor Monger says Skiing Mag to be put to sleep

Now that the Nike/Patagonia/Burton rumor has been effectively killed, lets shed some light on another gossip item that has been floating about...That Mountain Sports Media is going to pull the plug on Skiing Magazine and in its place introduce a new title for skiing and snowboarding, you know the whole mountain culture lifestyle thing.

RM says "Hey, why not? Skiing has so many ex-Outside Mag editors on its staff that a kind of 'Outside Winter' lifestyle mag wouldn't be hard to pull off. It might look appealing to non-endemic advertisers and it would be easier for MSM to bundle that title into an overall ad buy."

I guess, but what snowboard company is going to advertise in that kind of magazine? Heck, what ski company is?

Remember people, it's all about THE LIFESTYLE. You're living it, even if you don't realize it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

from flatlanding@breck.com--

I don't think you understand the culture of Time 4, Transworld still has company rights to snowboarding, for the MBA Jungle crew down in Boulder to launch into TW's ad base would piss off Oceanside.

Remember how many people at the top there are from either sales or sales, and how many are from the sport, they have to protect their clients.

10/31/2004 5:26 AM

Blogger davidof said...

I heard it was Freeze Magazine that was for the chop

11/03/2004 4:51 AM


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