Monday, June 12, 2006

Building Packs for Dirtbags? I like it.

Bumped into a litte pack manufacturer out of NYC (yes, I said NYC) called CiloGear. Never heard of them? Neither had I. They seem focused enough to make a splash. From their site:
CiloGear makes backpacks.
The Cilogear WorkSacks can compress without straps or zippers for the ultimate functionality. Of course, they do come with straps. They aren't complicated, and they are built to last.
The materials list of stuff they use the build the packs reads like an industrial engineers dream list.

There is an interesting interview on about Graham Williams and his dream to build bomber packs that dirtbags and college students can afford. From the interview:
The company is trying to make the best possible stuff for people who like to get out into the mountains. But we are trying to deliver this stuff at prices college students, bums and others can afford -- or allow somebody with a job an extra day (out).
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