Monday, June 05, 2006

Got some old shoes? Chaco Recycle program

For years I've contended that the sign of a good summer are Chaco tan lines. You know how it feels when you're at the beach/lake/river/pool in late Sept and you look at the guy next you with dark feet and the signature Z from the Chacos he's been living in all summer. Then you look down at your pasty white feet and think of how different your two summers may have been. Just thinking about it kinda makes you shudder, doesn't it? Don't let it happen to you again.

This summer Chaco and are making it easier to kick it in style. No, they aren't negotiating for Chaco Friday's at the office - you're on your own for that. What Chaco has come up with is a shoe recycling program to help impoverished areas of the Himalaya. Through a partnership with the dZi foundation they will take your old kicks (shoes, flops, hikers, etc) that you mail in to and distribute them to those that need them.

What's in it for you? 20% off on any pair of Chacos from Not a bad deal at all and better yet the good will of passing along a pair of your used kicks to someone who doesn't have a pair of shoes. Hurry thought the deal is of after June 11, 2006.

Chaco did this last year with over 1500 pairs of shoes distributed.

Chaco and Shoe Recycle Program Details



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