Monday, May 29, 2006

Goat sighting - Gobi Desert Race in China

The Gobi Desert Race just got under way on Saturday in the Gobi Desert of China. A grueling 150 mile multi stage, self supported race through miserable heat and varied terrain is not your typical outing. athlete Chrissie Evans (on the left) is spotted here prior to the race with her Marmot Precip jacket sporting the Goat logo.
Racing The Planet - Chrissie Evans and fellow competitorsAfter two stages of the race Chrissie finds herself in 3rd place among women competitors and 16th overall. Her stage two 1st place finish among women and 9th place finish overall has likely helped her to size up the competition and get excited for stage 3. I'll keep you posted.

When heading into the most extreme desert on the planet, you'd better bring along a little water.
Water trucked in for the start of the Gobi Race
The amazing Gobi Desert - mountains and valleys at the starting line of the race.
The amazing Gobi Desert of China - Racing The Planet starting linePhoto Credits - Racing The Planet



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