Friday, June 02, 2006

Done with Dean? Delicate Arch Delivers

So are you over Dean and the Delicate Arch issue? Seems Outside Magazine (yea, I said Outside and I couldn't believe it either) has done a little investigation of thier own and discovered that Dean was not so "Delicate" while doing a "pure free ascent"of Delicate Arch.

So how pure was Dean's climb? Fixed ropes for fliming, a top rope climb by Dean prior to the filming and 2 distinct grooves on the top of the arch left from the ropes seem to tell a different tale.

Notice the rope grooves in the rock
Photo by Steve Howe

"The Chief" over at had some good commentary about this "stunt for personal advancement".

Kudos to Tim Neville for telling the tale in on Outside Online. Click and read, it's worth the trip.



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