Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gobi March Update Athlete Chrissie Evans has taken the lead among women competitors in the Gobi March race. From the Racing The Planet website:
The top 3 woman also are battling for 1st place ranking. Australian Christine Evans came in first followed by Kazuko Kaihata of Japan. Today Theresa Schneider seemed to be suffering about midday through and fell to third.
A fellow competitor from the Sahara Desert Race said of Chrissie:
She's not a fast runner but she is mentally tough. In the Sahara her feet were hamburger and any normal person would have quit. She finished....
In the past two stages Chrissie has made up over 26 minutes on the former leader to take the lead by nearly 7 minutes. To give you an idea of the type of competitors that Chrissie is competing against, Teri Schneider has 5 top 5's at the Hawaii Ironman and competed in 7 Eco Challenge's - she's one tough competitor.

2 days left to go in the Gobi March Race. We're crossing our fingers.



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