Monday, June 12, 2006

Everest 2006 - a little overview

Had enough of Everest? I know it's been a melee of stories and press induced "controversies" but here are a couple articles worth reading that come from the source.

Andrew Brash talks about the decision to help save Lincoln Hall and thus giving up his summit dreams on a windless clear day.

Russell Brice, owner of Himex talks about his team's summit day and the encounter with David Sharp.

Photos and a more detailed description about Lincoln Hall from Myles Osborne can be found on He sums his experience of helping to save Lincoln up by saying:
We reintroduced ourselves [once back at advanced base camp] and sat there talking about [Lincoln's] family and wife. During the conversation, I could not help but wonder, "How in ANY way is a summit more important than saving a life?" And the answer is that it isn't. But in this skewed world up here, sometimes you can be fooled into thinking that it might be. But I know that trying to sleep at night knowing that I summited Everest and left a guy to die isn't something I ever want to do. The summit's always there after all.
Additional reading in the Roof of the World Vagabond blog

Check out the Everest summit video from the Climb For Peace - the music on this video sets the tone for a different sort of Everest impression.



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